Choose Strong Siding to Protect Your Property

Offering siding installation services in the Perry, ME area

Take a long look at your siding. Do you see boards that are cracked, warped or rotten? Is your siding starting to fade or peel? If your siding is in poor shape, it's time to replace it. That's where Phoenix and Son's comes in. Our lead contractor has over 30 years of experience providing siding installation services for residents in and around Perry, ME.

We'll do all the necessary prep work to guarantee that your siding will last.

Don't let damaged siding cause water damage to your structure - contact our local siding contractor today to take advantage of our emergency replacement services.

Choose the right siding for your home or workplace

Choose the right siding for your home or workplace

Every property owner has different preferences when it comes to siding installation. If you want:

  • Durable siding that can withstand severe weather, install veneer stone siding
  • Vibrant siding that complements your home, browse through our vinyl options
  • Low-maintenance siding that will last for years, choose LP Smart siding over traditional wood
  • Elegant siding that has the appearance of hardwood, hire us to install oriented strand board (OSB) sheathing
Get a free estimate. Call 207-214-6715 now to discuss your needs with a local siding contractor.